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Small Construction Loans for Your Needs 
Being a real estate investor is a lot like being a marriage counselor – there is always something to work on and you don’t always know how much it’s going to cost.  At Acala, we like to believe we can help you with whatever fix your property might need. Whether you are a long-time homeowner in need of a remodel or an investor trying to flip a property, we got you covered. 
Remodel Loans

There is no place like home, but home there are certain things you’ve dreamed about fixing up. The bathroom tile may be the same it has been for thirty years, or you want to add a modern aesthetic to your kitchen. Whatever your needs may be, our team has you covered. With so many different ways you can personalize your space, it can be difficult to find the right loan for what you need. Our team can help you with any timeline and loan amount.

Construction costs can change on a day-to-day basis, and so can the way you want to remodel your home. We are here to help you find the best way to make your home the way you imagine it. Remodeling doesn’t have to be scary, especially when you work with a team that has so much experience under their belt.  Don’t be afraid to start thinking about that backsplash that would tie the kitchen together, we can help you get there.

Rehab Loans
Being a good homeowner requires a lot of attention and patience, but even after years of taking care of your home certain things can creep up on you. There are certain pieces of your property you definitely want to get ahead, like a leaky roof or an air conditioner on its last legs. These costs can hit the wallet fast and hard, especially if you are taking care of the problems after things have gone south. 
Our lending team has seen every kind of repair you could see living in El Paso and are equipped to handle your specific circumstances. If your favorite tree is starting to creep into the foundation and want to get ahead of it, there is something that can be worked out. Leaning walls, creaking stairs, and everything in between. You care about your home, why not get ahead of your next headache?

Flip Loans 
After a down payment, closing costs, and every other dollar spent on a property you might still having a daunting task in front of you: construction costs. There are plenty of properties that can be an excellent investment opportunity, and you may have taken action at the right moment for the right price. Even with certain repairs taken into account, there are so many factors that may have been overlooked in the closing process that need attention. 

Our construction loans are built to fit your needs. Instead of applying for a loan with a lender that is going to ask for specifics, we are able to work with you on your budget and timeline. Flipping a property can be tricky and require more capital than initially believed. Our team has years of expertise on how to bundle a loan depending on what you are looking for. It’s your project, we want to help how we can. Don’t break the bank while you’re breaking your back.