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Commercial & Residential Real Estate Specializing in Private Money Lending

Acala Investments is El Paso’s leading, locally owned mortgage lender for private financing (“hard money”) loans for both residential and commercial properties. We offer a variety services including any and all residential and commercial real estate transactions with over 25 years experience in real estate. 

Investment Opportunities

We can help you invest in the local real estate market through a variety of real estate products and services.
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Commercial Real Estate

Our principals are experienced real estate developers and can help you get started on any project from start to finish.
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Brokerage Services

We can help you buy, sell and manage a variety of property types.
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Mortgage Lending

We are real estate finance experts. We have seen it all. We finance nearly 91% of our loan requests through private money lending. 
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We are Your Real Estate Experts

We value the relationships we have created in this market and will do our best to continue to build on our reputation and success.  Our extensive experience in the local real estate market make us well rounded in all areas of real estate from finding the right property, approving a loan, and brokering the complete deal, we can do it all for you. 

Professional Quality


Professional Products


Professional Services


Our Professional Team

Our team of real estate and finance experts are here to help you through every aspect of a real estate purchase, sale or re-finance.

Learn more about our experienced staff below.

About Us

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Acala Investments
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Acala Investments
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Acala Investments
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Acala Investments
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Acala Investments